Fri. Dec 6th, 2019

Letter from the Chairman

Greetings and welcome to our website, whether you are new to us, or one of our members, or part of our wider community.

If you are aged over 50 and live in Sevenoaks District, you are most welcome to join our growing membership.
There are currently 1150 of us and it’s free to belong.

Our mission is to help Seniors in our District to live happy and fulfilling lives.

We also aim to debunk the myth that older people are a drain on society. We know that, even though our needs change over time, Seniors make a continuous contribution through the ‘grey economy’, through supporting our families and through voluntary and other work.

We have a committee of dedicated volunteers who work together to raise awareness, influence policy and keep our members informed about issues that matter to them.

We form small action groups to address important issues such as health, transport, housing and social relationships.

Members often ask ‘what can SDSAF do to help me?’ and our volunteers are always pleased to follow up issues when we can. We also love it when members ask ‘what can I do to help SDSAF?’

We need all types of help – strategic thinking, research, letter writing, attending meetings, organising events, making tea, dropping leaflets, filling envelopes and manning our stall at local fairs.

It really is an enjoyable and satisfying way of using your skills and putting something back into the community. We are open to all offers of help and will value your input. The more help we get, the more we can achieve. Do come and join us!

With best wishes
Eileen Murray Giles, SDSAF Chairman

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