Wed. Jun 3rd, 2020

What SDSAF does

Our Purpose

SDSAF focuses  on the over 50’s i.e. those planning for retirement as well as those who have retired. The over 50’s and in particular the over 70’s populations are forecast to increase at a greater rate than the population as a whole . There are a number of forecasts the most modest in terms of growth predictions are those from KCC( dated Sept 2018) they show that there will be an increase of 41% in the 50+ age group  by 2036.
This growth in ageing population will have lots of ramifications for:- transport, housing, health services, carers. We anticipate that to cope with increased demands there will be a need for more help having to come from volunteers within the community as existing facilities, which are already stretched , find it harder to cope

Action Groups are core to the way we seek to work. Some fairly permanent and others on an ad-hoc basis ,to deal with short term projects. They ideally consist of about 3 to 6 members working as a sub committee, reporting to the management committee. We welcome helpers for these groups accepting whatever limited committment you are able to give. The forum works better with more people. The Travel Action Group currently has a very high focus; Housing,  Health  and Social  are being developed.

Local Contacts have been established over time and are essential for getting “Action” We are represented on a number of working committees within the Sevenoaks and Kent councils. We also have working relationships with many of their officers In addition we also have contacts with some of the bus companies, the local chamber of commerce, West Kent Housing, the police, local newspapers etc We also work in conjunction with other local charites and voluntary organisations such as Age UK, and Imago.


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