Wed. Aug 12th, 2020

About Us

Sevenoaks District Seniors Action Forum

working together in the interests of people aged 50+

We Cover the Sevenoaks District area covering Sevenoaks, Swanley and Edenbridge,from Hextable to Penshurst as shown below.

Our Forum  is an organisation with over 1200 members that supports the over 50’s in the Sevenoaks District. It is run by volunteers. We set out to find out what ”you” the members are concerned about and campaign to get things changed. Our forum is strictly non party political, although we realise that many of the issues raised may be of a political nature. All 1000+ members are “The Forum “ with the benefit of a small management committee. You can access the forum , on-line, by post or telephone. There are other similar forums across the U.K. These were set up following the community care act of 1990. Our forum is ,therefore, one of many similar forums. Ours was founded in October 2010 at the International Day of the Older Person at the Stag theatre in Sevenoaks at the initiative of Age UK

What We Do is to gather and pass on information via our website, newsletters and at meetings, including attendance at village fetes and open days. This helps our members to get up-to-date information on the matters that concern them. We also have meetings with our local politicians, councillors and other organisations such as the Police This is to ensure that “you” the members voice is heard. We know from these meeting and also from a membership survey that the main issues of concern are:-Crime and traffic problems, Transport including local buses and hospital transport, ,Health issues including Care and support costs. Dementia, Public amenities, Housing for both seniors and younger people

Whilst we deal a lot with both the Sevenoaks and Kent Councils we are not in any way part of their remit, we maintain a very separate operation. The other forums in Kent are geographically based on District Council areas, but like ours are separate operations. We liaise with other forums, in particular if there are County wide issues

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